The highest wear area is at the tip of the shoe (big toe area). If you wear through the sole rubber and into the underlying rand rubber (or through to the leather) you will need the rands replaced. Sometimes you cannot see a hole and the rands still need replacing. All repairs will be listed on the invoice sent through email.

Note: We no longer accept shoes that have been resoled by other resolers. 

5-6 week turn around upon receiving shoes at the shop.

Go to shop page to make an order. 

We repair all brands of climbing shoes with Five Ten or Vibram rubber. 

Half Sole Prices (per pair)

Stealth C4 4.2mm                   $40

Stealth C4 5.5mm                   $45

Vibram XS Edge 4mm            $45

Vibram XS Grip2 4mm           $45

Split Sole Shoes                     +$5
   (Solutions, Acros, Vapors, 

    Testerossas, etc.)

Other Services (per pair)

No- Edge Climbing Shoes       $60

(LS Genuis, Futura, etc.)


Rands                                   $30

Approach Shoe Full Sole     $65

  (with 5.10 Dot Rubber)


Chaco Full Sole                    $65

  (with 5.10 Dot Rubber)